About Us

Who Are We

It’s not every day that someone encourages you to mix modern psychology with ancient magick, but that's precisely what we do at Magick + Me.

Whether you're looking to dive deep into personal transformation with our guided rituals or prefer to explore our magical tools on your own, we're here to empower you.

Your magickal mentors, Adele + Kellie are dedicated to helping seekers like you discover and harness their inner magick to create profound change. 



A little about me: My journey into the world of magick and self-help is deeply personal. As a survivor of domestic abuse, a single parent by 22, and someone who struggled with depression and weight issues for years, I knew I needed to find a way to transform my life. Over the past 20+ years, my self-healing journey, my 9-5 as a coach, and passion for magick have led me to develop the Magickal You approach—a unique blend of practical self-help and powerful magickal practices.

With Magick + Me, my goal is to bridge the gap between practical self-help and the transformative world of magick. By embracing your unique worth and potential, you can break free from negative cycles and align your actions with your core values.


A self confessed crystal addict and tarot card collector, Kel loves all things witchy. On the hunt to buy cool new crystal grid boards and altar tools, she couldn't find anything that would fit in with her aesthetic. Seemingly no-one was making bright, fun colourful things to practice magic! During the Covid pandemic, her wife, Adele, used her somewhat newly found graphic illustration skills and new vinyl cutting hobby to make Kellie just what wanted and the fist magic business was born - Magickscape. Fast forward 3 years and a whole lot of learning, refining and we have rebranded as Magick+ Me.

Magick + Me

Along with the original product, our beautiful crystal grid boards full of colour and pattern, Magick + me now creates original magical tools, spells and rituals all with the intention of bringing joy, colour and magick to our community.